Why the Mudskipper?

When the mudskipper exits the water and climbs onto land, a fish walking on its elbows across wet sand, it is able to eat, breathe, and reproduce. When it returns to the water, a fish with malformed fins and huge eyes, it is still able to eat, breathe, and reproduce. It is an amazing feat of evolution.

“mudskipper”by kombipom is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Not only am I fascinated by these weird and wonderful creatures, but I sometimes feel like a bit of a mudskipper myself. I grew up in both the UK and the US and enjoyed making new friends, and learning about new cultures. I am now confident travelling to new places and adapt quickly to new cultures. Even my academic background has ranged from marine science to sustainability to science communication and I am always seeking out new learning opportunities. I enjoy being a ‘jack of all trades’ as it were because it expands the network of unique people I interact with and opens up new opportunities for learning, and career development.

This blog is yet another new venture for me, and hopefully it will give me an outlet to share my thoughts – or musings if you will – passions, and experiences.

If you need another reason to like the mudskipper please find it here.