Plastic Free July Update 2

13-07-19 Plastic Free July Update #2

First, I wanted to apologise for the delay. I intended to post these more frequently so that I could fit more than two into July itself, but c’est la vie. It’ll be plastic free July in August too, I guess‼

One of the most challenging aspects of the past few weeks has been trying to find alternatives to items which almost only come in single use plastic. My partner and I hosted a barbecue a few weekends ago and I realised that purchasing meat without plastic is nigh on impossible. Added to which, the butchers counter in our local supermarket has closed permanently which even reduces the possibility of using Tupperware instead of the shop provided packaging.

The second difficulty I have faced is that of travel. Last week I was in Massachusetts visiting my family for my father’s birthday. I wouldn’t say plane food is my favourite food, but I did have to put a little more effort in to planning my travel day to ensure that I had enough of my own food to not need the heavily packaged meal on board. The same happened on my return, although I faced a tricky situation where I was presented with a breakfast while asleep and then had to make the decision to eat the plastic wrapped contents or return it knowing that they would bin it immediately.

I was very disappointed at a recent work event, to find that they only provided plastic cups for those wanting water. This was particularly saddening because the event was at a well-established conference centre which undoubtedly had glasses they could have provided. Not to mention I had to skip dessert because it came in a plastic tub. The benefit of the experience was an opportunity to have a discussion about Plastic Free July with my colleagues, many of whom hadn’t heard of it before.

It’s not been bad though! I have definitely consumed less all round and the process is making me look more closely at what I actually need. I was also able to crack out my safety razor as I’ve used up all of my disposable blades. Be sure to keep an eye out for my review!

Additionally, I’ve discovered my local zero waste store and am looking forward to utilising that in the future!

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