mentor (n): an experienced and trusted advisor   mentor (v): advise or train                 Being mentored was never something I shied away from, whether I knew who was mentoring me or not. From a young age, and at a significant distance, the likes of Sir David Attenborough even mentored me – shaping my view of

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Work, Work, Work

                What does an environmental compliance advisor do, I hear you say? Well, let me explain. My job title is very broad and could refer to a whole host of activities. The one thing it does make clear is that my work has to do with legislation governing environmental related policies.                 In my case,

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Sustainable Strategies

“We need to show customers that we aren’t a faceless corporation, we are actually a collection of individuals” said a colleague at a recent meeting. This happened to be in relation to how we can provide ‘value added’ services, but I think it’s an incredibly important sentiment for everyone to remember, especially when it comes

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01.07.2019 This July I decided to take on the Plastic Free July challenge. Given that one of my New Years’ resolutions was to reduce my plastic use I decided that the plastic challenge would help me follow through with that. Already fairly plastic free, I wanted to take this challenge more as an opportunity to

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