Team Morvoren

Team Morvoren is a women’s sailing team making waves for sustainability and gender equity. We sail a J24 out of Saltash Sailing Club in the southwest UK, with ambitions to compete in the World Championships in 2025.



  • Sailing and water sports accessible to all
  • A sustainability conscious industry
  • Ocean literacy in support of environmental and human wellbeing


  • To advocate for inclusive sailing communities
  • To empower and support women sailors
  • To engage diverse audiences in marine citizen science

Morvoren is the Cornish for mermaid. In folklore, mermaids are mysterious and powerful, often bringing about lively weather events when crossed by locals, usually men. We of course aren’t of folklore, but sailing still has gender imbalance and discrimination issues. Women in Sailing (WiS) highlighted this in a 2019 survey indicating that the majority of women in sailing have faced discrimination.

Through weekly racing, and practice on the Tamar River we offer anyone the chance to get on the water, learn to sail, and hone their skills, from newcomers to accomplished sailors, of all ages. Consequently, this is particularly important as the WiS survey also showed that discrimination experience rises to 71% for women 26-30 years old.

Within the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park, Saltash Sailing Club’s members are eager to learn more and support the health of their marine environment. This aligns with results of an extensive UK government survey showing that most of the public see ocean protection as vital. Through talks, workshops, and activities, we support the Club’s members in this endeavour.

Meet the Team

Our core team is comprised of five women who, between them, have extensive sailing, water sport, sustainability, environmental, and marine science expertise. They will train and compete together in qualifying events this year, and next, to secure their place in the 2025 World Championships.

They are joined by a broader group of women sailors who want to learn to sail, gain more experience, and/or race in a friendly and supportive environment.

Collectively, we are Team Morvoren

Our Boat

We have been generously loaned Red Alert, a J24 keelboat (Westerly), by a Saltash Sailing Club member.

Red Alert lives at Saltash Sailing Club and will race weekly on the Tamar River. As an older boat, she needs a little TLC now and then, but can still hold her own around the course. As the name would suggest, she’s a striking red colour, with a full set of quality sails.

When weather permits we will be taking her to race in the 2024 qualifying events. This will hopefully secure our place as a British entry to the event. These include regattas in Plymouth Sound, Torbay, Poole, and others. Where we won’t be able to transport Red Alert, we will charter/borrow available J24’s so that we can still compete!

The World Championships will take place in September of 2025, hosted by the Plym Yacht Club and Saltash Sailing Club with racing in Plymouth Sound.


We are actively seeking sponsors! Please get in touch with Chloe by email:

Join us and be a catalyst for a sustainable ocean and gender equity!
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