Uummannaq, Greenland: A Month in the Arctic

After writing 20,000 words on coastal community resilience for my master’s dissertation I never thought that I would struggle to put down to paper the non-academic side of my research.

When I was awarded my National Geographic Society grant in 2018, I had agreed to produce an ArcGIS Storymap as an output. Well that was technically due 12 months ago….

I tried to start the thing multiple times over the last 18 months, but it never seemed to flow. A couple of weeks ago however, I had one of the most productive few days of my life and lo and behold, I give you, a Storymap.

As you read it, I would love some feedback:

  1. What questions were you left with that I might be able to answer?
  2. Do you have any creative formatting ideas to bring a section more to life?
  3. Which sections feel they are missing some visual aids like pictures?

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